Herpes 2 Symptoms

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Herpes 2 or Genital Herpes Symptoms

what are the herpes simplex typesHerpes 2 or genital herpes is a sexually transmitted disease and adversely affects the victim. A good percentage of people all over the world are getting infected with this virus and the medical field has not been able to provide any comfort to the victims. However, the giant pharmaceuticals are taking advantage of it by marketing costly drugs that claim to eradicate Herpes 2 Symptoms as well as the herpes 2 viruses. Most people will be transmitting it to others as they are unaware of the fact that they are infected, since they lack the Herpes 2 Symptoms.  These viruses can remain dormant for several months or even years. The recurrent outbreaks are less severe than the primary outbreaks and as the time precede the frequency of the outbreaks decrease.

What is Herpes 2 virus?

Herpes 2 virus is a category of Herpes Simplex Virus Type, and is commonly known as genital herpes. It can spread from the secretions from the sores or genital parts. The herpes 2 simplex virus can spread even if there are also no visible sores or Herpes 2 Symptoms.  The herpes 1 and herpes 2 viruses are often mistaken and wrongly treated. The modern medicines are not able to treat the virus and get rid of it. However, Linda Williams, a victim of this disease who has suffered continuous outbreaks for years have formulated a natural cure for herpes simplex 2.

Differences HSV2 and HSV1

Both the HSV1 and HSV2 virus belong to the same family of Herpes Simplex type virus. It is commonly believed that the cold sores visible on the upper part of the waist is caused by HSV1 and those that appear below the waist are caused by HSV2. However, both the viruses can produce effects anywhere on the body. The HSV2 virus finds a permanent settlement deep in the spinal cord and makes sores in the genital parts, whereas HSV1 produces sores near mouth or lips. The itching transforms into batches of blisters which burst to sores and the viruses are shed out through it. The Herpes 2 symptoms are often mistaken as insect bites or other skin disorders.

Herpes 2 home remedy

“Herpes Removal” is an eBook by Linda Williams which describes all the 8 types of herpes viruses, Herpes 2 Symptoms and the treatment that must be taken to get rid of the herpes. The natural methods has been found out with her long time work and coded all the information regarding the Herpes 2 Symptoms,how people get it and how to treat it without much effort and money are explained in detail in her work. This ebook can be easily downloaded from the website http://www.herpesremoval.com/ . As she herself has passed through these pathetic situations she is able to create unique treatment methods at different phases starting from the appearance of Herpes 2 Symptoms and how to get rid of the herpes 2 using the lemon balm, garlic, ice packs etc. She also lists the do’s and don’ts, an infected person has to follow.

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