What is Herpes 2 (HSV2)?

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genital herpesWhat is Herpes 2 (HSV2) and can Herpes 2 be cured?

People when realize that they have herpes 2, begin to search what is Herpes 2 and the different treatments for its cure. In most cases, even the experienced medical practitioners mistake the symptoms of herpes 2 to be other skin diseases and treat for it. Now, let us have a look on what is Herpes 2, and the different techniques that can be taken up as “Herpes 2 cure”. According to recent studies, a large percent of people all over the world are suffering from this contagious disease and many of them are blindly believing their doctors without knowing what is herpes 2 and how it can be cured? .

The question “what is herpes 2” can be answered in biological terms as the infection caused by the HSV virus type 2, which belong to the Herpesviridae family. The HSV 1and 2 can be distinguished by the area where they cause infection. Herpes Simplex Virus 2 is commonly known as Herpes 2 and the structure of this virus is very complex. It consists of torridly shape core with large DNA genome. A person once infected with this virus, will not be able to get relief from it, as the virus finds a safe permanent settlement place. The incubation period of the virus ranges from 2 to 12 days.

Differences between HSV1 and HSV2

After gathering information about what is Herpes 2, you will be thinking of the differences between HSV1 and HSV2. Both of these viruses belong to the sub family Alphaherpesviridae in the family Herpesviridae, genus Simplex virus. Both HSV1 and HSV2 can cause contagious sores in any part of the body, it is scientifically proven that the painful sores above the waist, i.e.… the mouth, pharynx, face, eye, and central nervous system is mainly caused by the HSV1, whereas those sores found in genital areas or rectum are identified to be caused by the Herpes 2 type. The mode of transmission of HSV1 and HSV 2 are different. HSV1 can be transmitted by the secretions from the sores of an infected person, whereas the HSV2 can be spread in two ways: – having sexual contact with a victim of HSV2 or from the mother who have HSV2 to her baby during the delivery time.

Can herpes 2 be cured?

Understanding what Herpes 2 is can help you to choose the right treatment method for Herpes 2 cure. Till date there is no medicine that is scientifically proven to have completely cured the herpes 2, but now Sarah (a victim of herpes 2) has designed a natural way to eradicate the virus from the body without using expensive medications or suffering any hazardous side effects. “Get rid of herpes” is the eBook created by Sarah to give relief to the persons, who are facing the toughest situation in life. The eBook gives you complete information; including what is herpes 2, different types of lesions, and its treatments. You can know more about this wonderful protocol by checking the website “Get Rid of Herpes“, where you can find the download option which will help you to use the eBook at an affordable rate.

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